The Belial Project – 4

Part Four – The Claw

Part One can be found here
Part Two can be found here
Part Three can be found here

Finished off the sculpting of the claws last night, they’re not perfect but they’ll serve their purpose. I bulked up the other side slightly too:

Things to do:

  • Tidy up chest
  • Tidy up head area/find new head
  • Buy some bases
  • Banner
  • Shouler pads?
  • Dezartfox

    Yeah tis the bottom of a blank shoulder pad just cut off and filed to fit, I'll be working on him some more soon, so better pics, might have some somewhere, will have a look!

  • Ron Saikowski

    How did you get the collar for the “Chaplain”?
    Is that the botom of a termie shoulderpad? DId you have to modify it's edge any?

  • nurglephill

    very very nice :thumbsup: