The Belial Project – 5

Part Five – *Insert Witty Title*

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Did some more work on Belial last night, sculpted a new chest plat for him! Yay!

Left to do :

  • Neaten up Head/Head area
  • Banner
  • Base

I also set up a temporary lighting system in my hobby cupboard… My pc, possessions and all my models all live in an old pantry, which is 52″ wide, has one plug and no lights. Lots of shelves though. Painted weird colours, purple shelves and red wall paper! (I didn’t choose that combination..). So I found another lamp, some blu-tac, a piece of paper and made this. Best that I can do I’m afraid! Models are balanced on top of my right Pc screen, I rest my elbow on the shelf and use my Blackberry 8900 to snap pics.

(Yes that is a skull mask, old College project)

I’ve snapped some new pictures which I’ll upload to the Gallery later today!