2010, Deathwing (Commission) and Ravenwing Goodness

Wow, ok so I’m a little late posting in 2010, I seem to have forgot to post over the last few days! I can’t even blame the holidays because I was spent them sat at the laptop!
I guess I can blame this guy:

He’s the sergeant for the “shooty” terminator squad, one of three squads I’m doing as part of the commission.

Today I went to GW, quite empty as usual, which is a shame really I guess. I felt twice as bad when I asked to trade in some unopened terminators and a LR for some Ravenwing! Eventually I ended up purchasing some new files, a hobby knife and a Librarian anyway.
So today I picked up a RW Battleforce, another box of RW bikers, a box of DA Veterans, and as mentioned, a Librarian on foot.

When I got home, I unpacked my hobby saw and went about hacking up said Librarian at the waist.
I pinned his waist to a robed RW biker legs (you get THREE of these per battle force.. so I’m not short on them!). Normally I’d leave him off the bike and paint him separate, but the robed legs force you to stick them together around the bike. Annoying really.
Anywho, a biker arm and a few scrolls later I had my Librarian on a Bike! I don’t plan to even use this guy that often. He’s just cool and could be handy at some point! Having the option there waiting is better than not.

I chose to stick the old Master of the Ravenwing book over where the bolters would go, yeah he’s now missing his twin bolters, no idea how I’ll correct that.. maybe a couple of servo skulls with guns?
With all the bikers I’m making I’m trying to make them look like they’re on a mission. The baggage that comes with the RW sprue is a bit plain, but if you cut it up and mount more than one set on the back you have something that’s looking good. Plus it adds some bulk to the bike and more importantly, character!
The Librarian is the same, I’ve added scrolls from the TDA Chaplain, a bag on the back carrying books, the large book on the front, more scrolls and then some accessories.
Lastly I made all the accessories face in the same direction, this gives the impression of movement/speed.

  • http://corvusminiatures.blogspot.com/ Corvus

    Great job on the Deathwing, your technique on the armor has definitely improved.

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Cheers, I was actually comparing my DW and these ones, and the main
    difference is the OSL (glowing bits), I'll post up some comparison pics
    after the weekend!

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  • nurglephill

    Very nice, simple yet effective. superb. Are you going to add lots of weathering? If your going for a force that looks like its on a “mission” then they would have been in the field for a while right? If so you going for simple mud or will you pic a colour to work with the paint scheme and make up a reason why the weathering is that colour, i.e. red dust from Mars….?
    Also…this would be a rather good project for you to try out some of those FW weathering thingy dusty whatsnames.