40k: Daemons Campaign Game Reports (2)

Well the campaign is going well, I’m currently drawing first place, but only have one game left out of my allocated 12, where-as the person I’m drawing with still has 4 games left.. Oh dear! Looks like Fateweaver might not have done enough to attract the attention of Tzeentch!
I even built a second Lord of Change too.. I guess I can use two normal Lord of Change’s..

I forgot to report on the games from the weekend and can barely remember them now. I think I played against Marines and won, Space Wolves and got a draw and another that I can’t recall.

Tonight I played three games, first was against Orks, he had a mob of slugga boyz, a mob of shoota boyz, a big mek with shock-gun and a deff dread with CCW arms. I was a little scared but I managed to pull off a win, I used the terrain to my advantage and pulled him away from his objective whilst sitting on mine, so when it ended on turn 5 (After the LoC popped from chomping through the second mob of orks!) he wasn’t on his objective.

Second game of the evening was against marines, he had 2 tac squads and a commander. I turned the commander and a sergeant into Spawn and the Lord of Change munched through the rest. Win!

Final game was against another Marine army. He had a squad of bikers, a captain on bike and Telion with some scouts. I risked deepstriking next to his nice line of bikes with the Lord of Change and managed a Hit. I turned his captain into a Spawn and then flamed the rest of the bikes who fled, turn two the same happened to the scouts. Win!

For my 1k list I’m considering going half Tzeentch, half Slaanesh (I purchased some Daemonettes and Seekers..). Possibly the Lord of Change still, a unit of 9 horrors with Changeling and Bolt and three Screamers. For the Slaanesh half it would be a Keeper of Secrets, 12 Daemonettes and 6 Seekers.

Half shooty, half choppy!
Would that mean that I need two different sets of dice? I do own some pink dice somewhere…