40k: Daemons Campaign Game Reports

So, after taking my 500pt Daemon list to the store, I ended up playing 5 games!

First game was against a full bike army, Captain, two units of bikers with an attack bike. Game was pretty short, I landed down, he shot some stuff, I shot stuff and then he got stuck into combat with the Lord of Change, I tore through the unit over a few rounds of combat, turned his Captain into a Chaos Spawn (love it when that happens!), and then turned an attack bike into a Spawn to win the game. Yay!

Game two I played Grey Knights. Same guy who I played with the Crons. Never enjoy playing him as he sucks all fun from the game. There was very little I could do, he out shot me by miles, and would chew through me in Combat. I managed to separate his squads so he couldn’t gang up on me, then he managed to roll an obscene amount of 5+’s and armour saves meaning my Lord of Change dropped dead. The Horrors were dealt with easily, with the silly psy-bolts wounding me on 2+…

Game Three I played Imperial Guard, he had two vet squads with a lascannon in each, Command platoon, Vendetta and a hellhound. He had some bad rolls and I had some good ones. He managed to kill off a horror squad turn one, and then he struggled to kill the Lord of Change, eventually taking him down to 1 remaining wound, but not before his commander was a spawn and he was wiped out. Win!

Game four was against my friend, he was using a list very similar to my Necron list (using my Necrons too…), We both shot each other to pieces before him getting stuck into combat, it ended up with the Lord of Change on one wound fighting the Necron Lord, who managed to kill the Daemon.. Loss!

Game five was against Imperial Guard, again. This player had a vendetta, valk, psyker HQ, 2 vet squads with shotguns, 2 meltas and a flamer. Both had somehow gained FNP from the campaign rolls.. luck git 😛
He killed a squad of horrors, and then I killed his valk and the squad inside. He then threw his other squad and psyker at me and I fluffed all my saves and the Lord of Change dropped dead. Wonderful!

So out of five games, two wins. Not a brilliant result, but what I was expecting really. Daemons are a hard army to use, and in such a small game are very unforgiving. I can’t really say that I personally made any mistakes, and that my any of my opponents were better players than me, I just had bad dice rolls at times!

I’ll be going down with the list again on Saturday to try some more games!