40k: Deathwing Army In A Week

I mentioned the other day that I was doing another Deathwing Commission. Well my client has offered me a bonus if I can get it done a few weeks early.. the deadline being next weekend!

Naturally I took the challenge and this evening I started batch painting terminators. I managed to get all the armour done on the 21 Terminators as well as the glowing eyes (I like to do these early as it give the model life). He delivered a Relic Contemptor Dreadnought to me today, which will also get done. Lovely kit and I will enjoy painting it!

Anyway, here are some badly lit photos!

My desk is a mess.. you can see a Fateweaver conversion I was working on, some slaanesh Fiend conversions, a Necron Lord Conversion I was thinking about, lots of paints and glues, dice, my ONE RING, my airbrushed keyboard.. oh and some terminators!