40k Doubles 2013: Chaos Terminators WIP (1)

At the end of January me and a friend are attending the Battle Brothers doubles tournament at Warhammer World! We were going to attend last year but decided on Fantasy Doubles instead.
We’re taking a full Tzeentch list, consisting of an alliance between Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons! It’s a very “in your face” army with some pretty nasty units. I’ll post the list up later this today 🙂

As usual I’ve left painting until the last minute! My Daemons are painted but the other half of the army isn’t..
This week I’ve made a start on the terminators:

I’ve scribbled down the scheme in case I need to repeat it in the future:

Kantor blue,
Macragge blue,
Caledor Sky,
edge highlight Hoeth blue.
Wash Guilliman blue glaze.

layer thin moot green. glaze green
paint lenses green, yellow, white.
glaze green twice.
glaze outer three with blue.

gun metal
wash black
2 coats of cassandora yellow

gun, wash black, sepia in recesses

khorne, meph, evil, wild, glaze blood

dryad bark/stirland mud. medium earth. green around edge for glow?
moot, wash twice nightshade. gloss.

Some more photos: