40k: Fateweaver Is Here!

Well it seems I won the campaign league/sector! I played my final game against the kid who was drawing points wise. His army was basically the contents of Assault on Black Reach with a Trukk, so warboss, nobs, unit of boyz, deffkoptas and the trukk.

It was Dawn of War, he deployed his trukk with warboss and nobs in the center, and let his boyz walk on (I’d have done it other way round as the Trukk can catch up) and his koptas outflanked. He got first turn and decided to get out of the trukk (no idea why!), his boyz walked on and ran a little.

I deepstriked (deepstruck?) next to his warboss and retinue, risky but it paid off! He failed his toughness test on his warboss and was turned into a spawn! And then the rest of the unit got breathed on and then shot them with Horrors.

Turn two and he decided to charge the spawn! His koptas arrived and took a wound off the Lord of Change. My turn two I turned a deathkopta into a spawn (!) and then breathed on the rest, they fled. The nobs got shot by the horrors again and they also fled.

Turn three was uneventuful, he moved forward with his boyz, my turn my other unit of horrors turned up and I shot the boyz to pieces and assault with Lord of Change, the Orks failed to hurt him and ran off.

My reward campaign roll thing ended up as Feel-No-Pain on my Lord of Change! So now he was FNP, Counter attack and preferred enemy! Nice!

With that win I was able to take first place and gain the Special Character reward! Now to write a list!