40k: The Campaign So Far..

Forgot to report on the games last week! D’oh!
Anyway we were allowed to play a maximum of 20 games over the last month (See here). We gained points for winning games, drawing, defeating armies in the same territory, and killing the opposing leaders. I managed to win the sector in the first two weeks, giving me access to a special character (Fateweaver).
After the other two weeks I was just winning by a point! This put me top of my sector and first place overall, winning me a prize! I chose a box of Khorne Blood Crushers to expand my army 🙂

To get the overall winner we’re having a sort of mini-league, 4th place from each sector plays a 1st place, 2nd plays a third. Then the 8 winners from those games play a random game against one other, and then two games after that next week to get the winner, 2nd and third.

I played my 4th place opponent tonight. He had a Marine biker army, three units of bikes with an attack bike, a Librarian and a Captain. Oh and a Landspeeder with 2 Heavy Bolters. I think one of the bike squads was a command squad on bikes too.
Game went well, Fateweaver had gained Feel No Pain from the campaign, so he was pretty much untouchable and didn’t take a wound all game. He also had preferred enemy, counter attack and hit & run! Making him quite a marine killer. He took out loads of bikes, turned the captain into a spawn, and shot the Landspeeder a lot.
Game ended up in me wiping him out with me losing the Slaanesh chariot and Seekers (couldn’t roll 6’s at all!)

We drew the names from the bag to see who would be playing who, and I ended up against the local Grey Knight player. The one nobody likes. He had TWO Landraider redeemers, with 7 or 8 GK’s inside with halberds and a hammer. In one squad there was an inquisitor with those stupid grenades (random d6 effect) and other things. Mission was home and away, deployment dawn of war. The terrain he set up was weird, two hills in the middle, some random ruins and a wood. His terrain set up mainly helped me I think. he deployed his objective in the middle, and mine went behind a ruin on the right. His army drove on turn one after he stole the initiative.
I got the non-wanted half of my army and the Daemonettes, seekers and Tzeentch herald all landed smoothly behind scenery in the center and left, with the Tzeentch herald acting as bait on the right. He took it and moved one LR away to kill the herald and the other towards the seekers on the left. He killed a seeker with shooting, and murdered the Tzeentch herald with his inquisitor and squad, like I knew he would.
What this meant was that his LR’s were far apart, allowing me to target one at time. Not much happened turn two, Fateweaver and the Slaanesh herald appeared and landed safely near the Daemonettes. The seekers played around in the wood awaiting their time to strike.
His turn three, the GK’s and Inquisitor got back in their LR and moved along the board. He shot everything he could at Fateweaver, but it all bounced off.
My turn three, I shot the LR, nothing, the Daemonettes formed a defensive wall around Fateweaver and the Slaanesh Herald charged the LR, only capable of glancing it. Which he/she/it managed to do! And immobilised it! Brilliant! Of course he/she/it got shot to pieces in his turn four, but he had disembarked his squad from the immobile LR to shoot her, leaving them a nice target for the Heralds followers. The GK unit was tore to pieces by the Daemonettes (who had gained Furious charge) and the seekers. Left flank secured! I could now ignore the LR as it couldn’t kill enough Daemonttes in the rest of the game to stop them capturing the objective in the center.

He kept moving his other LR to the right towards my objective whilst shooting Fateweaver who was moving to intercept him. The Horrors arrived and sat on my objective shooting the odd Bolt of Change at the LR with no effect.
Eventually the GK’s and the Inquisitor disembarked, but because he was trying to contest my objective he was now out of charge range, as usual the shooting was ineffective against Fateweaver. He was now in a nice Flamer shape so Fateweaver landed next to them, breathed on them and turned his Inquisitor into a Spawn! The horrors shot them too, and finally Fateweaver charged in and killed the last one.
Just LR’s left now! The game ended on turn seven with Fateweaver wrecking the contesting LR with three rolls of a 6 in a row for his Bolt of Change (good old AP1). In the end I had both objectives and had killed his leader, ultimate win!

I won through splitting up his force and making sure the stupid grenades were no where near my army until I could deal with the Inquisitor. He made some weird decisions in game, like getting out of the LR’s to shoot me, oh well.

Next week I’ll be playing the last two games to secure my final position!

  • xzandrate

    Nice job, it’s funny how the army they are designed to fight is one of the ones most Grey Knights seem to have the most problems against.   Maybe I’ve just seen some bad GK or good demon lists.

    Any chance you have a link to provide for the campaign rules being used?  I’d love to try and rig up something here locally.

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    I’ll see if I can get hold of them, it was a good set!
    And yeah, the best thing for fighting GK’s, is GK’s… My Tzeentch daemons have no issues, the slaanesh ones struggle a little bit because of the higher strength shots and hight Initiative the GK’s have, plus going down to I1 when they get charged. I haven’t used my Khorne stuff yet against them, but I think it’ll fair well. Especially the 2+invuln units!