40kforums Painting Competition Voting!

THe voting has been put up on the 40kforums site, I entered my Space Hulk Terminator, I really wish I’d made a better base for him for this sort of thing but I didn’t, at time of writing I’m currently 4th (the voting was reset as an entry was removed). There’s some very nice models on there meaning I’ll probably stop at 4th!

Here’s the link

Here’s the model I entered:

Brother Goriel

So yeah, please go vote for me!

  • http://strictlyaverage.blogspot.com/ Brent

    This is an absolutely beautiful miniature; how did you get the blood to look so realistic?


  • nurglephill

    Well I think your a shoe in…………………..for fourth 😛
    Actually i cant see anything as you have to be a member. lol.