A Piece of Pie

I mean Terrain..
For the “Challenge Gareth!” Challenge (Which we ALL lost, Gareth finished a few weeks ago) as well as the 1500pt army we had to produce a piece of terrain and an objective marker. I was awoken early today so cracked on with my terrain piece whilst my mind was still out of it.

Phew.. that was a lot of images!
Hopefully later/tomorrow I’ll have some more tutorials on how I paint certain parts of the terminators. Metals, Cables, lenses, reds and stone. Oh and the Bases at some point.

This is also my 50th post! Yay!
When 100 hits I’ll have a random give away I think 😉

  • nurglephill

    wow? superb terrain it REALLY fits in well with your army Tim and i LOVE the action shots 😉