Age of Sigmar Baleful Realmgate Showcase

I painted up a couple of the Baleful Realmgate scenery pieces for my board (well.. my upcoming Age of Sigmar board when it’s released). I really like these scenery pieces, they were easy to assemble and look great!

Some people how said that the detail isn’t as crisp as other models, but in my view as it’s scenery it doesn’t matter too much. The detail is still there but it doesn’t need to be as crisp. Besides, most of it is rock!

I used the short paint splatter tutorial for the Ophidian Archway scheme in White Dwarf. They use Corax white as a base colour but as I don’t use spray cans I used a light grey primer through the airbrush. The rest of the rock scheme was the same – which is just the entire model washed in Seraphim Sepia and then drybrushed Pallid Wych Flesh. Finally I washed alternating sections and the inconography with nuln oil. 

For the glow it was simply airbrushed white lightly and then glazed with bright colours – with these green and blue.