Age of Sigmar Converted Khorne Models

Following on from my last post on converting the Stormcast Eternal half of the starter set I decided to try to convert up some of the Khorne models. 

The Khorne models are a bit harder to convert as they have more exposed flesh which is harder to align compared to armour panels, but I’m still pretty happy how they’ve turned out even if they need a tiny bit of gap filling

First up is the Blood Secrator I coverted from the Bloodstoker. His arms are from the original Blood Secrator along with the neck spike thing and the skulls on the torso. The head is from a Blood Warrior (from the unit champion). I also bent the hanging chain a little so it looked a bit more realistic. Very happy with how this guy turned out!


  Next is the Bloodstoker, which is made from (surprisingly!) the Blood Secrator. He went through a few different versions before I was happy with him – originally he had the stump arm like the original and the whip in the air so it looked like the original Bloodstoker had worked out and got fit! I eventually swapped the stump out for an axe (from the Blood Warriors unit champion again) and repositioned the whip to be trailing behind him. Lastly I sliced off the horns from the helmet to give it a different shape.

I had bits left over from the Blood Warriors Champion, Bloodsecrator and a spare Chaos Lord so decided to try and make a conversion to represent one of the new Exalted Deathbringers. I used the Blood Warrior Champion body with the head from the Bloodsecrator, the massive axe from the Khorne Chaos Lord and the arm holding the heads from the Blood Reavers. 

Finally I converted three of the Blood Warriors by swapping arms and weapons around to make them slightly different to the original five I had. A unit of 8 seems nice and fluffy!

The last part of the boxset to convert is the Lord Celestant on Dracoth. I’ve already done some work on him but he has a fair bit of sculpting work to do – so watch this space! (or follow the site on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr or by email using the subscribe box in the sidebar!)

  • Pinklabel

    Love these conversions – the blood stoker in particular looks better than the official model!