Age of Sigmar Lord Relictor Conversion

I picked up a second starter set for Age of Sigmar to boost up the contents of the first set. I figured that with all the extra figures I wanted from the set buying them from places like eBay or bits stores would end up costs nearly as much as the starter set!

So with the second set I’ve obviously ended up with duplicate models and characters. For the rank and file warriors this isn’t too bad but for the characters I wanted to try to convert them up. I bought a couple of the Paladin box sets last weekend which give you loads of extra bits depending on which unit you build.

For the Lord Relictor conversion I swapped the banner to his other hand and used a spare Decimator axe head to replace the hammer. I added a spare Reliquary to his back and a bit of the parchment which normally attaches the banner. 




Using the additional Retributors from the starter set I was able to add a Starsoul Mace and a converted Retributor Prime to the unit to make them all look a bit more individual. Finally I used one of the spare hammer heads to rotate the hammer to give the duplicated model a slightly different look.


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  • shadowclaimer

    I absolutely love these Relictor conversions. I’ve got three of them in my army (which is themed on Ghyran) and I’m trying my best to figure out what the hell to do with them to make them more unique, so this helps tremendously.

    Any advice on tweaking the Lord-Celestants?

  • Dezartfox

    Cheers! Ive tweaked the Lord Celestant but he needs some sculpting work, he’ll be posted soon! 🙂

  • shadowclaimer

    Really looking forward to seeing that! I’m tempted to slap the Paladin Glaive on one of them at least (or the Starsoul Mace) if I can find a good way to connect it.

  • Dezartfox

    Mine has a starsoul mace and one of the retributor helmets. Used one of the glaives with the mace head stuck to the end.
    I’ve also beheaded the dracoth to re sculpt the pose….. Fun times!

  • shadowclaimer

    Yea my problem is I have two Lord-Celestants that are twins, and one is getting a black drakkoth and one a white, and their masks on their helmets and their capes were going to be painted to match the mounts. I just hate how the drakkoth pose is not shiftable at all without a bit of work. Simply shifting the head might be enough for me though.