Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal Showcase

I managed to quickly finish off the free Stormcast Eternal from last weeks White Dwarf this morning! Just in time to take him to the local GW for the painting competition too.

I wanted to use a different approach for the gold than my usual methods. I started with Balthasar Gold, oversprayed with Gehenna’s and Auric armour golds. I then glazed the recesses with Druchii Violet shade, using two coats for the more shaded areas. Finally I glazed back up with Auric Armour and a tiny bit of silver on the sharpest edges.

The blue I can’t really remember! It was late last night and early this morning 😉 I beleieve it involved Kantor blue, nuln oil and some lighter blues to highlight it.

I’ve decided on the box set I’ll be painting the white areas a bright silver (which is closer to the digital artwork).

The base I went with generic wasteland style but unsure if I’ll keep this for the full army.


  • greggles

    Very very nice work!

  • Mark Stanoch

    Terrific work!