Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Showcase 2

The second part of my Syvlaneth army for Age of Sigmar! In 6 days worth of evenings I’ve managed to paint up 45 Dryads, 2 Treelords, a Treelord Ancient and Durthu! 

My metal Branchwraith has arrived and has also been painted to take part in the mini Age of Sigmar campaign we’re running for 6 weeks – I’m hoping I have enough Dryads 😉

I’ll explain the process of each model below each set of pictures and the overall colour scheme at the end!

 The second Treelord I wanted different to the first. When I built him i wasn’t planning to have a Durthu in the army so I used the skull bits and the pose from Durthu’s instructions and modified the Strangleroots and head from the normal Treelord so I had a distincively different pose. I like to call the two Treelords Bill and Ben, this one is Bill.
The Treelord Ancient has a lot more red on the model due to his beard and loincloth. I offset this by painting the runes with a blue glow – he is a magic user afterall! I used the GW model for inspiration when painting the staff, I liked the dotted weird plant thing at the end so went with that, albeit a lot simpler technique of glazes and stippling.

Durhtu! I wasn’t planning to have him in the army (he died in the End Times I believe?) but as he is ridiculouly good (on the charge there’s potential for 36 damage with his sword…) and I love the model I had to build and paint him! I used a slightly different scheme for him compared the rest by using browns instead of greens. I knew I wanted all the sprites on him to stand out so there’s lots of reds and browns for his body with the glowing red runes contrasting the green sprites. I used one of every sprite from the boxset and stuck them to various branches and leaves to make it look like some were flying. Fragile but looks cool!

The pose I had to figure out as I’d already used the standard Durthu pose on Bill the Treelord – for Durthu it’s the standard Treeman legs and torso/neck with the Ancients arms and shoulders and then Durthus head and skull bits.

Colour Scheme

  1. Undercoat black 
  2. Spray dryad bark
  3. Lightly spray torso and limbs Loren green
  4. Lightly spray face and higher limbs Elysian green
  5. Wash Agrax Earthshade
  6. Drybrushed lightly ogryn green
  7. Glaze leaves and tabards yellow
  8. Glaze leaves and tabards red once or twice for redder leaves
  9. Highlight leaves and tabards skrag brown or tau light ochre.
  10. Wash eyes with thin white and glaze blue
  11. Highlight eyeball white
  12. Bases caliban green and sand mixed to make texture paint
  13. Dry brushed celestra 
  14. Brushed with medium earth 
  15. Natural leaves (birchwood seeds!) and tufts added to base along with odd bit of bark.
  16. Sprites paint Celestra Grey, spray with extra thin Moot Green and wash with thiined Nihilakh Oxide.
  • Oskar Boxner Pettersson

    I simply love your stuff. I just started an all tree Wood elves army and will use them as Sylvaneth in Age of Sigmar aswell. And your army has been a huge inspiration. The new models from GW looks ace. I am wondering how you thinned down the nihilakh oxide? As I want to try out your glowing effect from the sprires aswell. Thank you!

  • Dezartfox

    I always thin the shades with Lahmian Medium, as it’s a paint without pigment so it thins without changing the properties of the paint 🙂

  • Frank Underwood

    I really like the flower on the Treelord ancient and that’s a lovely Durthu! Good to see he survived the End Times 🙂