Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Showcase

I’ve been very busy this weekend working on my newest army (sorry Necrons!).  Sylvaneth! Or wood elves.. Or treemen or whatever you want to call them!

I picked up the Guardians of the Wildwood box set to take part in the mini Age of Sigmar campaign at my local store. Always loved the treemen models and they look so much cooler on round bases too!

I’ll have some more to show off in a couple of days so will go through the paint scheme then. I went with brown and green as normal with contrasting blue eyes. For the leaves I went with an early autumn mix of red, brown and orange which matched the basing leaves I had.

In total there’s 45 dryads, 2 Tree Lords, a Tree Lord Ancient and I’ve just purchased the Branch Wraith, a Durthu and the additional Sylvaneth Wyldwoods I need to make the army work well.