All Bases Covered

Today I received a large shipment of resin bases from Foundations of War. They do some high quality cheap bases. Well I ordered around 40 (I almost typed 40k out of habit then!) of their tech deck bases, all 40mm to go on the remainder of my terminators, oh and a couple of 60mm for the Dreadnoughts. They’re not as detailed as other tech bases but they’ll suffice, I don’t want “too detailed” bases as they’ll take away the attention from the Space Hulk Terminators.

I’ve also been thinking about an army list for my Space Hulk force. Despite them being in a Space Hulk I want to include a Landraider, I have 4 of the old Rogue Trader ones and have to use one! Plus a Dreadnought.
Ok it’s a BIG Space Hulk that they’re in…
This list comes to 1490:

Belial – Lightning Claws 130

Chaplain – Terminator Armour 145

Command Squad (apoth – Chain Fist, Stormbolter), (banner bearer – ThunderHammer, Stormshield), (Lightning Claws) , (assault cannon, powerfist) , (sergeant – lightningclaws) = 305

squad 1 – (sergeant – power weapon and StormBolter), (Lightning Claw), (AC, Powerfist) 2x (Powerfist StormBolter) (245)

squad 2 – (sergeant – power weapon and StormBolter), (Lightning Claw), (AC, Powerfist) 2x (Powerfist StormBolter) (245)

dreadnought – las, missile, , ea (170)

landraider (250)

I’d like to make the Dread Venerable if possible, he’s damn expensive as it is though, would take him to 190 points! But he’ll be as hard as nails and hide behind the landraider.
My original plan is to go like my other Deathwing and have the Chaplain. Belial and Command Squad together, that way on the charge everyone is getting +1 attack for the banner and re-rolling misses because of the Chaplain. The lack of Firepower is made up by the assault cannon too. The landraider and Dread just drive around doing what they do best, shooting things, I have long range fire power in this army unlike my other DW army and both can take some punishment. Both these units and a termi squad can push towards an objective laying down fire as they go.

Belial and co will Deepstrike, one squad will stick with the Landraider and the other squad will either Deepstrike or start on the board depending on the circumstances.

I could have the Chaplain with the other Deepstriking squad and make them slightly biased towards Close Combat too and have two units deepstriking and causing havoc amongst the ranks of the foe. I’m not sure.

For the ten points I need to make the Dreadnought Venerable I could trade an assault cannon for a Cyclone Missile Launcher, on the squad that’s sticking with the raider perhaps? Gives me an extra long range weapon to join in with the Landraiders Lascannons and Dread weapons.

Well I have 15 to 20 more SH termies to add to this force if needed, plus three more Landraiders!

What do you think? Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense!