All Moved In

Phew.. All moved into my new uni accomodation! I currently have no access to the internet for now, so using my blackberry! Hurray for internet on it!

Oh man.. We live on the 4th floor of this building, so a great view, but so many stairs. I’m a lazy person who complains at a slight upwards slope… There were about 8 other people moving in all trying to use the one tiny lift.. So we kept taking the stairs….. Oh my legs..

I have a huuuge desk which I’m loving, I have an entire drawer with the three foam pieces from my citadel toolkit laid out next to each other.. That’s how big they are!
There’s also a GIANT wardrobe.. I can’t see onto the top shelf its that big, I can stand in it. Shame I only own like 8 shirts! There was also 74 coat hangers in it.

We have a combined kitchen and living room, which is pretty big, plus a table for playing lots of important games.. Like Risk and Zombies!!! Also we have a big widescreen tv!
Who said students were poor?!

  • DarkStarSabre

    Wait…the drawers are that wide ACROSS?

    I demand phone photos damnit! Those sound huge. How deep are they?

  • zealotohio

    “Who said students were poor?! “

    “I currently have no access to the internet”

    “I only own like 8 shirts!”

    I rest my case. 😀

  • nurglephill

    sounds AWESOME! My sister moved into her uni apartment her first year and someone had scratched scary stuff on the inside of the wardrobe….about the wardrobe being possessed etc….scared the crap out of her 😛

    So, enjoy your year and GOOD LUCK!

  • winterous

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