Angmar Orc Warbands Commission

I have a rather large Lord of the Rings SBG commission over the next few weeks! All my shelves are full of Orcs, Men and Goblins 🙂

First thing to get done are a couple of Orc warbands with a captain, Shaman and banner all painted in an Angmar scheme. I did the armour a little lighter than I would normally and also a little rustier to represent the larger area of land these Orcs patrol – plus I have like another 80 of these guys to do and wanted some variation!

The client wanted a sort of marshy wasteland style basing, so instead of the usual texture paint I went with a sand mixture which I painted green, drybrushed lightly with grey and added some patches of green wash mixed with gloss medium to have some wet/damp patches of ground. Near these patches I stuck some little tufts – which have come up a bit more vibrant in the photos than they actually are!




  • Richard

    Sweet, I really like the banner image. Did you free hand it or did you find an image that really worked?

  • Scott Bowman

    Nice work, cool banner!

  • Dezartfox

    @richard, I free handed the banner based on a design I found on Google. It could be neater! My freehand is a little rusty.. But it’s an Orc banner so I get away with it 😉
    Thanks guys!