Armies on Parade Work in Progress

It’s that time of year again! Armies on Parade time! I haven’t entered since 2011 (the first year it ran), but I always enjoy looking at the displays and absorbing inspiration.

This year I decided to go with my Sylvaneth army, originally I was just going to place everything on a flat board and call it done… alas I had ideas and now it’s turned my weekends (and most of my flat) into a messy fully fledged project.

I started, as planned, by placing the Sylvaneth Wyldwoods I had onto the board alongside the big tree I had started (more on that shortly) to be a sort of centrepiece. The Wyldwoods were a bit bigger than I anticipated so only three of the four I own fitted with the big tree. I drew around the bases with a pencil to mark their positions and it all sort of flowed from there.

“I’ll add a path!” I thought, and that turned into a session of chopping up old movement trays. I dug out old scenery pieces and my hot glue gun. I went outside and started collecting twigs and bits of bark. I dived into the sprue mountain to locate the spare Arachnarok Spider sprue with forest goblins on and swapped their bows to little axes… lots of different things going on whilst waiting for bits to dry.

The centerpiece, the big tree, was made from three citadel trees hot glued together in a rough shape onto an old scenery piece and then blended together with plaster. Once that had dried I covered the trunks in crackle glaze which went super crackly due to the plaster absorbing moisture (should have sealed it first!). I scrubbed all the loose bits off and I was left with a cool texture as well as lots of larger flakes which ended up looking pretty good!

I used a lot of textured paint (paint mixed with sand) to blend parts into the board and used spare tree bases (from the bigger tree) to make chopped down stumps. Once the majority of it was all painted I spent a good while stiking individual leaves and tufts to the board. I used broken up twigs and branches to make the chopped down parts, they don’t fit the board 100% but they give the overall story of the goblins chopping down the trees and the Sylvaneth awakening to enact their revenge.

After making a terrible mess of our flat, I’m nearly at the finish line!

On the to-do list before the 24th is to finish painting the chopped down stumps, stick the goblins to the board, add some more leaves and possibly add some forest sprites.

I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out so far. Just hope my army fits on it….