The Army of the Dead Commission

The Army of the Dead, also known as the Dead Men of Dunharrow or Oathbreakers were pretty cool to paint, I’ve always loved these models and can never choose between the original metal models or the newer plastics. If the metals had more variation I’d much prefer them as the details are a lot crisper.

I decided to use an ethereal technique I saw online but with my own additions.  I base coated the models grey and sprayed them white from above. I gave them a generous coat of Nihilakh Oxide shade. Once that was dry I airbrushed on random patches of thinned Waywatcher Green glaze, especially around the bottom of the cloaks. Finally I drybrushed them with a little white before adding a bit of green daylight glow powder to the eye sockets.

10426140_1025602147465852_8998659139154193959_n 10352262_1025602190799181_8852693023192122562_n