Assassinorum Execution Force Assassin Showcase

 It’s always really rewarding to find some time to paint my own models! Painting full time during the week means I rarely want to spend my evenings and weekends painting more models – unless I’m quite inspired to do so! Usually this involves painting for an event (such as my Tomb King last May for Battle Brothers) or a campaign at my local store. The assassins from Execution force were one of the rare moments where I just had to paint them.

I’ve only managed to play the board game once so far but I’ve read the novel and listened to the audiobook that were released at the same time which made me more motivated to finish them.

I kept the primary colours all quite muted and went for bright colours for OSL effects, trying to have different colours for each assassin. The body suits were some airbrush grey gradients with a quick highlight that I then glazed black and washed with Coelia Greenshade to add a slight hint of green. They all have the same colour straps, metals and weapons to unify them – mainly Incubi Darkness to keep with the dark greeny grey theme.

The OSL was acheived with all my different techniques. The Eversor Assassin uses the Dayglow pigments for the blue of his eyes. The Culexus and Vindare Assassins use traditional glazes and highlighting and finally the Callidus Assassin has carfeully applied airbrush glows with very thin Moot Green.

  Culexus Assassin:    

Eversor Assassin:


Vindicare Asssassin:        Callidus Assassin:



  • thedwarf86

    Loving your OSL … how is it done? I have tried a tiny tiny bit kinda on my Captain Scarlet Diorama Base
    ( – The Mysteron Rings on floor)
    But would love a tutorial – to try and at least attempt it proper 🙂
    But if it involves air brush … sadly I don’t have one nor the money to get one 🙁

  • greggles

    Gorgeous! Love the OSL on the callidus It’s absolutely stunning!

  • Dezartfox

    Thanks 🙂 OSL is by far my favourite thing to do.

  • Dezartfox

    There are various ways to paint OSL, I use either the airbrush, the pigments or the traditional glazes of thin paint. If you use the search bar at top I’m sure I’ve written a tutorial somewhere!

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