Lizardman Bust

Lizardman Bust I painted and printed on my 3d printer the file was from archvillian and was part of there monthly patreon which is great you get a bunch of minis for a love price and you can print as many as you need

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Necromunda : Warhammer Commission Painting

Necomunda Orlock Gang Painting Gangs and blood bowl teams are a lot of fun you can add a little character in to each one. For this Commission Painting I did stuck to the basic box colours changing some of the blues making them a bit brighter. For the gold I used liberator gold this tones down the gold making it […]

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Commission painting Scale 75 duel fighters

This commission was different from the normal warhammer miniatures that I usually paint. The Large scale of those models makes interesting to paint as you can add textures to the models. The Armor on the Chaos warrior was dry brushed and stippled on to give a worn metal look while the paladins armour was give a blue glaze to make […]

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