Badab Black > Life

Well, I hoped to spend the majority of my day painting my Deathwing, other things got in the way as usual.

HOWEVER I did manage to get all the terminators and Dreadnought base coated and wash them with badab black. Now I need more!

Here’s the basic stages for my armour:

  • Base coat Iyanden DarkSun
  • Wash heavily with Badab Black
  • layer with Desert Yellow,
  • Layer with 1:1 mix of Desert Yellow and Bleached Bone
  • Layer with Bleached bone
  • Highlight with 1:1 mix of Bleached Bone and White.

I do my layering for these models slightly different to give them a gritty appearance, I do it in “streaky” pattern. Easily seen on lots of other models, usually Death Guard though.. hmm..

Well here’s my hobby corner at the moment:


  • Dezartfox

    I plan to VERY soon! 😀

  • Dezartfox

    Well this army is about 2000pts,
    I have a Space Hulk army with 40 terminators, some dreads and Landraiders, no idea on points.
    And then a Rogue Trader army of about 2000pts too <.<

    Too much! 😀

  • 73rd

    Woohoo Deathwing! I look forward to seeing your progress mate, great stuff so far though!

  • Wolfs16

    Thanks for letting us know how you paint your guys, they look awesome. But do you think you could give us some pictures of your layering approach? I always find that I get lost when I'm not about to see a painting technique. Thanks!

  • 73rd

    Also I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blogroll as I am a Dark Angel/Deathwing player too. How many points of Deathwing do you currently have as I noticed you were aiming for 1500points?

  • 73rd

    Ok now that is a great sounding amount of Deathwing!

  • 73rd

    Also only just noticed that you created Vassal 40k! I have played many a game there… The majority of them losses!