Balrog of Morgoth – The Lord of the Rings

Had a bit of spare time this weekend so decided to finally paint up the metal Balrog I’ve had collecting dust since 2012.

I primed the Balrog grey this time and decided to work backwards from bright to dark. I airbrushed on the yellow, reds and oranges, combined them with a glaze of Lamenters yellow and then used thinned Rhinox Hide to start to darken the limbs and cooler areas. Eventually I moved to black and brushed this over the raised areas. He was looking pretty messy at this point so I decided to go mad and cover him in fluorescent weathering powders which blended the bright colours together and added a glow effect to the darker colours. I rubbed off the excess from the raised black areas with my finger leaving the orange pigments in the recesses. Final step was adding a few dots of white to the hottest parts 🙂

017 018 013019 020DSCF2051

  • Scott Bowman

    Fine work – that final headshot is so bright I was convinced you drilled it out and put an LED in there!

  • Richard

    This is absolutely fantastic, I want one!

  • Dezartfox

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Peter Babczuk

    are you still alive? how did you achieve this black brown crustlike scorched outer layer of skin?

  • Martin Weilbächer

    You did a great Job there! I’m planning on painting a balrog myself. What the is fluorescent weathering powder? unfortunately the Link seems to be dead…