Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (3) Sepulchral Stalkers Conversion

The Tomb Kings are progressing nicely so far, I’ve even managed to get some paint onto a few models!


The bone recipe:
Base coat Zandri Dust
Overspray Ushabti Bone
Overspray lighter with Screaming Skull
Overspray even lighter with White
Coat with thinner gloss varnish
Wash Sepia, whilst drying wipe away from raised areas.

Today I received a box from element games containing my Sepulchral Stalkers/Necropolis Knights. Very quick delivery too!

I was pretty determined to get both the knights and stalkers from one box set, but there were a few issues. Firstly the tails, secondly the spines and finally the heads, these are the shared parts for the two kits.
I solved this by using skeleton horse heads with the necks bent ( using a heat gun) to the desired angle, and then some tubing from Lego Bionicles I believe. I pushed a straightened paper clip into the tubing and bent it to the curved shape before gluing it all together with thick super glue.