Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (2) Army list

So last week I posted some ideas on using double Tomb Kings at the doubles event in May. This week I believe I have finalised the list we’ll be taking:

List 1

Tomb king
Gold sigil sword
Enchanted shield
Dragonbane gem

Lvl 1 Liche Priest

5 chariots
Full command, flaming banner

3 stalkers


List 2

Lvl4 priest
Scroll, opal amulet

20 archers, full command
20 archers, full command

3 necro knights, full command ( nothing left to spend pts on!)

Casket of souls
Screaming skull catapult.

Idea is the list sits in a block around casket and Titan, boosting the magic of the priests a bit, the lvl 4 in with some archers and can run off into the other unit when threatened, he has his Titan to protect him too.
The chariots and king are main combat unit, with the knights mopping up smaller units and the stalkers charging if need be.
Plenty of shooting, magic and decent combat unit that can reach out quite fast if need be!

What do you think?
Oh and I built the chariots this week!