Battleforce Blog: Necron Heavy Destroyers and Others.

Had a productive day again!
The Battle Force Challenge is going well.. sort of, I’ve assembled all the Warriors, both Heavy Destroyers, the Scarabs and the Destroyer Lord. The Lord on foot is WIP and the Immortals are just awaiting their guns, the flayed ones aren’t assembled yet, but they’ll be quick to do.
For reference here’s what I can build from my Battleforce. The idea is the build whatever you can using only the contents of the box, there’s no points limit, but you must have at least 1 HQ and 1 Troops.

– Destroyer Body
– Lightning Field
– Gaze of Flame
– Nightmare Shroud
– Warscythe
= 210

– Resurrection Orb
– Veil of Darkness
– Staff of Light
= 200

6 Flayed ones
– Claws
= 108

6 Immortals
– Gauss Blaster
= 168

12 Warriors
– Gauss Flayer
= 216

10 Scarabs Swarms
– Disruption Fields
= 160

Heavy Destroyer
– Heavy Gauss Cannon
= 65

Heavy Destroyer
– Heavy Gauss Cannon
= 65

At the moment my main contenders are a Space Marine force with a Librarian and the contents of the box, a Chaos force with 2 Lash lords, Chosen, plague marines and Berserkers and a Ravenwing force with Sammy in his speeder, 6 bikes and a chaplain on bike instead of the attack bike. I heard that someone has done the Space Wolf force with 4 Wolf Lords though.. which will be fun to face. I’ve taken heavy Destroyers to tackle characters, their Strength 9 ap3 guns should make short work of any characters who decide to hang around on their own, as they’ll be little vehicles on the board.. thankgod the Imperial Guard force doesnt come with a Russ anymore! The hardest thing I’ll have to face will be Sammy, I plan to chase him down with my Scarabs!

Here are some pictures of today’s progress:

The main problem with converting Necrons is they’re tiny.. a slight slip with your knife and you end up with a gash in your finger! Sort of what happened to me today! So I couldn’t finish off the Immortals…

Tomorrow I’m back onto Terminators, hopefully we’ll see some Land Raiders this week!

  • nurglephill

    Superb work Tiiimy 🙂

  • mart007

    just paint the damned things… thats what we are waiting for already! Sheese!


  • winterous

    What's that guy with a staff?

  • Dezartfox

    Lord on foot 🙂 He now has a cloak and an orb, just needs a hand!

  • winterous

    Aah ok.
    Strange looking Staff of Light he has.

  • Dezartfox

    yeah, best I could do with the materials I had, and I was only allowed to
    use the contents of the battleforce remember.