Battleforce Blog: Necrons Incomming!

Sorry Ravenwing, you’re on hold for a month!

My local GW (Middlesbrough) are holding a Battleforce contest,
Basically you purchase a battleforce and build your army from it, you need to make a HQ and a troops and the rest can be whatever you like.
You can use ONLY the contents of the box (along with Greenstuff, pins and modelling materials etc).

So I decided to pick up the Necron battle force, the contents are rather cool, 28 warriors is a great solid force considering what I’ll be facing (the marine one for example, 15 marines, 5 assault marines (one will be a HQ somewhere) and a rhino, pfft!).

My original plan was 26 warriors, 3 destroyers, the 6 scarabs and a lord on foot.
After looking at the contents and the sprues, I realised I can potentially, with a lot of conversion work, get the following:

Destroyer Lord
Lord on Foot
6 Immortals
6 Flayed ones
12 Warriors
10 scarabs
2 Heavy Destroyers.

Point wise it doesnt matter what I have, but with the Lord all geared up and the Scarabs with D-fields, it comes to 1192!

Here are the models I’ve done so far:
4 warriors, an immortal, a destroyer Lord, 10 scarabs (one pictured)

Oh, and I have to get them all built and painted by mid Feb!

  • benjaminsavarese

    indeed that is how I made some plastic flayed ones for my brother gawd…about 2 years ago…use the extra barrels from the new flayed ones and make some Immortals

    then some thin sheets of plastic card for shoulders on the immortals and claws on the flayed ones…worked pretty darn well…

  • krom_stormbrow

    Well fuck me… You didn't say it was your birthday at the weekend.

    I wouldn't have bought you a present or a card or anything… but I'd have said happy Birthday…

  • nurglephill

    Sweet work sir :). Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Dezartfox

    I did tell you! Fool! XD

  • winterous

    They look great man, but what the HELL is the Destroyer Lord holding??

  • krom_stormbrow

    Hmm, must have missed that one. Woops.

    Happy Birthday 🙂

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