Battleforce Blog: Painting Has Begun! (Necrons)

I tried a few test schemes for my Necrons out, this one was the third and the one I’m going with!
It’s a mix between speed, ease of painting whilst still looking good (to me anyway), which is good as I need to get these done by end of Feb, and with the Deathwing Commission to be completed this month too, it’s going to be a busy month!
Luckily because of the paint scheme I can whack this scheme out no problem, as it’ll be one of those “I have ten minutes spare” jobs between lessons. The majority of the scheme is washes over grey, something I enjoy doing, with the lighting done last using normal colours. Finally a scheme where I don’t need to mix paints! The trickiest part will be getting the lighting in the correct places.

  • winterous

    Incredible work!

  • Warhammer 39,999

    Clearly great use of OSL, but the real winner here is the subtle conversion to replace the traditional glow-rod with a wavy piece of wire. Simply brilliant!

  • tylermenz

    How did you paint your metal, it looks very nice.

  • krom_stormbrow

    You know I like the cron, but I actually just twigged with the base. Did you do the desert yellow, gryphonne sepia, drybrush desert yellow then finally drybrush bleach bone?

    It does look nice on those crons. You gonna use it on the raven wing ready for next year?

  • nurglephill

    As ever tiim, awesome stuff 🙂

  • Dezartfox

    Yes, yes I did 🙂 I think it looks pretty good, is that what you had in mind
    when you thought of it? Or different colours?

  • krom_stormbrow

    Exactly what I had in mind. You'll see it's an exact match of my elysians!

  • skcuzzlebumm

    Gotta say Tim that is looking very nice. I also am really impressed with how the simple swap of the rod for wire has turned out. After seeing this and your Deathwing up close this weekend I am going to have to pic your brains on how to do some OSL effect for some of my future projects.

    Can't wait to see this force completed.

  • high heat paint

    I better not show this to my boyfriend, or he will freak out :p He is a huge fan of these and I recently actually got to paint one with him. It was a lot of fun and I see now how hard it is. You really have to have patience.