Ultramarine Tactical Squad Commission Showcase


I was asked to paint one of the Space Marine Tactical Squads in 5th Company Ultamarine colours. I’ve never actually seen the new Tactical Squad kit until now – it’s a great kit. Everything fits together nicely and the details are all crisp, it made them very enjoyable to work on.  I went for an overall neater scheme than usual […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Possessed Commission Showcase


I’ve never seen the (now dated) chaos possessed kit before, the pictures of it online really don’t do it justice making them look cartoony and daft. I wanted to make sure that this squad didn’t end up like that! I spent a short while sorting through the available arms and matching them up to legs and bodies so I’d end […]

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Vampire Lord Commission Showcase


Painted up this cool vampire Lord today. The client didn’t want the little bat thing on his back and wanted the rapier turning into a normal sword which was simple enough He was quite enjoyable to paint using a variety of techniques such as sponge stippling to add some natural texture to his wing arm which was then toned down […]

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Horus the Warmaster Showcase


Yesterday I finally got a chance to paint the fantastic model that is Horus. It’s a lovely detailed kit of Horus the Warmaster, Primarch of the Sons of Horus from Forgeworld. Normally I’m not a fan of the constant stream of 30k things Forgeworld are spewing out but the character series of the primarchs are really spectacular. I went for […]

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Warhammer Dwarf Commission Showcase


I finished painting and basing the dwarf army last night. I generally let the snow mixture set overnight so it’s completely solid ready for packing and sending. Overall I’m very pleased with how the full army looks, I even dug out a piece of my board to photograph the army on:

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