Commission: Kharn The Betrayer, Part 2

Kharns Lost his head! Naah, I’m kidding. He’s being shipped without a head so the client can put his own on there. Progress is slow as beginning of Uni starts, things will settle down soon. I somehow found Kharns actual axe in the small selection of bits I took with me to uni, amazing! So I’ve happily stuck that on, […]

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Commission: Kharn The Betrayer Part 1

Another Commission piece I’m currently working on, a nice quick and simple one whilst I was moving between home and University. The client asked for it to be similar to the one I made for myself, so I used similar parts to my one; the Khorne Champion from the Fantasy range, Khorne berserker parts and Forge World Khorne parts. The […]

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Commission: Nurgle Vindicators

My good friend Phill has asked me to make him not one, but six Nurgle Vindicators to go with his gigantic Nurlge army. Phill is truly crazy… then again so am I! We discussed a few things and what he wants is a sort of Hellcannon like cannon on a Rhino chassis, he wants it looking more mechanical than organic […]

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