Space Wolves For Sale!

I’ve put on eBay a few painted Space Wolf Terminators I had from a few years back. Speaking of space wolves me and Amy picked up the Storm Claw box set from our local GW yesterday so that’ll be making an appearance soon on the site 🙂 link to eBay Listings! Listings have now ended!

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Tau Empire Army For Sale

Tau Empire

Around 1500pts of Tau Empire for sale, this is the army I painted for myself a while back but no longer have a need for it! It consists of a forge world commander with drones, 6 stealth suits with two drones. 3 devilish with SMS, 3 squads of 6 fire warriors, 2 piranhas with removable drones, two hammerheads and a […]

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FOR SALE: Lizardmen Army

A good friend of mine is selling his Lizardmen! They’re very well painted by our friend Duncan (he painted the Deathwing that were sold on here a while back).   The army consists of a Slaan in a unit of 20 Temple Guard, a BSB standard bearer, two units of 20 Saurus Warriors with hand weapons and shields, 2 units […]

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EBAY: Last Few Hours on World Eaters Army!

Only a couple of hours left to win yourself a fantastic looking army painted by Duncan McTiernan! EBAY LINK ++EDIT++ Bidding has now ended, however if you are interested in having Duncan paint some of your models I can pass your information onto him! Simply use the Contact Page to shoot me and email 🙂

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