Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (4) Skeleton Archers Painting

Decided on the colour scheme for the tomb kings and managed to get the first batch of skeleton archers painted! I’ve written down the scheme to turn into a tutorial at some point too. Less talk, more pictures!

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Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (2) Army list

So last week I posted some ideas on using double Tomb Kings at the doubles event in May. This week I believe I have finalised the list we’ll be taking: List 1 Tomb king Gold sigil sword Enchanted shield Dragonbane gem Chariot Lvl 1 Liche Priest Kanopi 5 chariots Full command, flaming banner 3 stalkers Hierotitan List 2 Lvl4 priest […]

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Warhammer Empire Commission Gallery

Warhammer Empire

I’ve managed to find a few photos of the Empire whilst I sort my Photobooth out. These were taken during Battle Brothers Gaming tournament at Warhammer World, Nottingham! View the Full Gallery

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Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (1)

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for Battle Brothers (also known as doubles) at Warhammer World, Nottingham in May. This year I’ll be teaming up with a new partner, one of my friends from Middlesbrough. We’re going for something different this year and we’re taking double Tomb Kings! Unfortunately this means that we need TWO Hierophants to keep […]

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DOUBLES: Empire Teutogen Guard Painted

Now that the distraction of the Three Tau Riptides is done, I’ve gone back to the Empire. I’m currently working on the Crossbows but managed to snap a few photos of the finished Teutogen Guard unit. The models have some lovely detail, shame there aren’t many varieties but as they’re an OOP can’t change that! They’re painted in the Marienburg […]

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