Now for Something Different.. Bloodbowl!

Well.. with majority of my models in storage and Space Hulk not yet here I’m going crazy. So crazy I ended up undercoating my plastic Orc Blood Bowl team, had these guys a while despite not actually playing the game in real life.. These three took way too long to do and I’ve only done the skin and face!

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100th Post Give-Away Result!

Congratulations to turtleholmes who won the Rogue Trader Terminator and the Crux Terminatus! Too tired to make a proper post, I had three games tonight, 1 against Necrons (I lost..) and two against Khorne Daemons (I won both), I played my Deathwing in all three! Sleep..Zzzz

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100th Post Give Away!

Well I’ve reached my 100th post.. in such a short time too! I think it was May 30th that I made my first post… Well to celebrate this big triple digit number I’m going to do a give away! Now, we all know I’m a bit of a Terminator addict, so the give away is related to that, here’s what […]

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