My Old GUO

(Great Unclean One) I entered this guy into the National Painting Competition last year, I don’t think I won anything with this guy and it was my random Eldar banshee that won 1st place, I’ll see if I can find pictures of that. Any who, I left them at the GW in the display case and then went to University, […]

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Quick! Look!

Ok that grabbed you’re attention.. I think. No painting today I’m afraid, my new Inline Skates, or Rollerblades as I call them, came today. So I spent majority of the day feeling like a 5 year old, re-learning how to rollerblade. My 5 year old self had much more confidence than 19 year old self. I’ve recently made pals with […]

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Too Many Models..

I’ve put up A LOAD of ebay sales, I recently got back home and I’ve been sifting through all my model boxes seeing what I don’t need. Currently for sale I have: * A full Deathwing army * A selection of Leman Russ Turrets * IG bits and bobs * Bloodletter Daemons So yeah, go check out and bid! Hopefully […]

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