Imperial Knights Pre-Order Commission Special Offer!


The brand new imperial knight has gone up for pre order on games workshops website! From now until their release next weekend save 10% on the commission fee for having one professionally built and painted by myself. So instead of £85 fee it’d be £76.50 to get one of these bad boys (or girls) painted, transfers and all. Make sure […]

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Warhammer Commission Painting Service


For many years I have offered a professional commission based painting service for any and all miniatures and figures from a wide variety of systems and companies. I mainly paint Warhammer and Warhammer 40k commissions but I am open to painting miniatures from any range. I’m based within the UK, and unlike other studios or commission services your models are […]

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Lizardmen Orange Stegadon WIP


So I managed to finish tidying the hobby office, rearranged the shelves and gained a lot of room. Still lots to clear out but that can wait til spring! Yesterday I managed to almost complete a Stegadon for one of the Orange Lizardmen commissions, just two more Stegadons to go! Three in total! And finally I found the box I […]

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Happy 2014!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year! Lots of new things planned for this year hopefully but first I have to tidy the pit that is known as the hobby office… After that I’ve got the Lizardmen to finish, as well as an upcoming tau and space hulk commission. Plus plenty more!

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Lizardmen Commission Part 1


I have a rather large lizardmen Commission this month, well in fact it’s two but I’ll be working on them at the same time First stage of course is the building! Today I managed to build the three stegadons, three bastiladons and some of the terradons. I’ve been playing a lot of Skylanders recently, with the latest instalment of swap […]

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