Dark Vengeance Is Almost Here!

It’s been a long time since I last updated apparently! I haven’t really been doing much hobby recently, I tend to have a small break during the summer months I find.. However, as you all know, Dark vengeance is released this weekend! I’ve been following the information from the GW Blog and Faeit 212 and I am very excited! No […]

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New Daemon Releases (2)

There’s been an English video posted over at: http://daemons40k.blogspot.co.uk Has some better views of the rules too 🙂 Of course I’m only fussed about the Tzeentch stuff for now! A quick run down: Flamers Flamers dropped 12pts, gained a point of initiative and an additional wound. They now have a 5++ instead of the original 4++ and lost the ability […]

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360 Spin Tutorial

I’ve had a few requests on how I did the 360 Spin galleries. Well I’ve managed to set up the code so that it’s usable by anyone! (I hope) First thing we need are photographs! I won’t delve into the photography side too much, as many of you already have a basic understanding on the subject. For my set up […]

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