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Make sure you join/like/follow one of the Networking sites that have been set up for TVT! You can join any of the following, or all if you wish! Google, Facebook and Twitter! TVT is nearly 3 years old! which means I’ll be doing something very special very soon!. If you’ve joined the networking sites, then you’ll have a chance to […]

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Some Gaming & Conversion Work..

Been busy this week! Well.. not really.. University is over! I’ve been in the store gaming most of the week, testing out our various army lists for each system. I’ve been trying out a new gaming style for the High Elves, which revolves around shooting, and 4 Bolt Throwers. I managed to acquire a fair few Lothern Seaguard for next […]

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Ogre Sabretusk Complete!

I was happily painting the Ironguts at a steady pace when I my calendar told me I also had to paint the Sabretusk that is part of the army.. balls. I tried some new alternative techniques on this guy, lots of glazes and thin layers to build up the colours. Came out quite good!

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