Gamer’s Grass Tufts Product Review


The guys over at Gamer’s Grass sent me a selection of their self adhesive grass tufts to test out and review.  As you can imagine I go through a lot of paints and basing materials so I was suprised when I saw the prices of the tufts available on Gamer’s Grass. They have a wide variety of sizes for each colour […]

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Object Source Lighting Tests – OSL


I’ve been trying out new methods of creating Object Source Lighting effects (Or OSL). I really dislike the airbrush method I see a lot these days, it just looks too… “airbrushed” if you get me. It doesn’t reflect off areas like it should do. Normally I prefer using paints or dry pigments such as the green OSL glow I commonly […]

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Quick Cheap Ruins for Gaming


I wanted some cool looking ruins for my Gaming board. As the board would primarily be used for Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit SBG I didn’t want sci-fi ruins so I instead opted for this MDF set available here (or here is a link to the store, Wargames Tournaments): I also ordered some kidney shaped bases for them […]

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Is Finecast Disappearing?


I bought a Finecast Azog model last week when purchasing my 7th ed rule book and when I unpackaged it to inspect the finecast bubbles and miscasts I was surprised to find that the model was instead made of a type of resin. You can see from the photo that it doesn’t have the same colouring of Finecast and doesn’t have that […]

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Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rulebook Review


So last night I went to see the new X-men film with the other half, which happened to finish at around midnight, which (total coincidence..) was when GW Hull opened at midnight for a short while to sell the new 40k rulebook! Initially I wasn’t going to buy the hardback book(s) and just get the Digital version from iTunes iBooks […]

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