New Dice!

Or Die, actually! I purchased this from The Dice Shop: It’s pretty heavy, I’ve been using it as a turn counter for my Daemons at the moment, its so cool! Check out the related posts below for more dice!

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Finished off my Glowy Necrons tonight. All in time for Gauntlet at the weekend! Will take some close up pictures sometime this week. I took some of the back of the models so you can see the shadow effect I made. Click for bigger images!

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Dice: The Latest Addition to the Family!

Since I’m starting up my Ork Boar-biker army, I will soon need suitable dice to join the rest I was happily browsing through The Waaaagh Forums when I came across THIS thread. They’re some custom dice that are been produced by Q-workshop and for sale on the Conquest Miniatures site. THe Dice themselves aren’t that expensive, but the shipping to […]

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