Kharn the Betrayer Conversion Commission (2)

Finished the painting on the Kharn the Betrayer conversion! Few hours spent on him today before watching the Football. He’s painted at the “Professional” level of painting I offer for commissions. Unlinke my usual Kharn conversions, this one was converted from the Forge World Horus Heresy Kharn, with Chaos bits added. Lovely model that I enjoyed converting and painting! Less […]

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Space Hulk Terminators Commission Complete


Managed to get the space hulk terminators finished last week, tho Genestealers will have to wait for now however as I have more lizardmen to paint! Sergeant Gideon Brother Leon Brother Goriel Brother Claudio Brother Scipio Brother Omnio Brother Noctis Brother Deino Brother Valencio Brother Zael Sergeant Lorenzo

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Lizardmen Commission Complete!

LOADS of images for the latest Lizardmen Commissions. There’s even more on the Lizardmen Gallery Page. If you’re interest in any commissions please check out the Commission Painting Service page

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Converted Arachnarok Spider 360 Spin

This one was a pain to do! His base was bigger than the rotating display meaning the light couldn’t get to it to power it (it’s solar powered) Managed to get it done eventually 🙂 I use my converted Arachnarok as a thundertusk in my ogre kingdoms army.

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Deathwing Commission Complete

Apart from one or two minor adjustments wanted by client the Deathwing commission is done! Check out more images in the Deathwing Gallery  

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