Lotr Khandish Warriors Complete – Day Four


Firstly I apologise for the huge gap between day three and this post (Day four). I had to emergency babysit my two young nieces for the whole day on Friday and then I was away over the weekend! I managed to finish off the chariots and then based everything after the weekend. The Chariots are lovely models and look loads […]

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LOTR Khandish Warriors Day Three


Carrying on from yesterdays progress this morning I airbrushed the Horses for the Khandish Horsemen.  I used the same banner style as the Warriors but with a horizontal line across the top to set them apart from the ones on foot. I also airbrushed the horses for the Chariots. The riders were all in poses that looked like they should be holding reins […]

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LoTR Khandish Warriors Day Two


After my airbrush breaking down yesterday I eagerly awaited my replacement to get going with the Khandish force. Amazon didn’t disappoint and my airbrush arrived around 10am by courier. I buy cheap airbrushes because I’m always losing bits and dropping them.. plus they do exactly what I need them to do so I don’t see the point in splashing out […]

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LoTR Khandish Warriors Day One


This is the last batch of Lord of the Rings models to be painted from the massive commission that I had. I’ve always wanted a force of these for myself but they’re pretty hard to get hold of now with GW only selling the basic warriors. The original plan was to build them, fill the gaps and then get the […]

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Lord of the Rings Commission Projects


Coming towards the end of the massive Lord of the Rings commission I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. This week I’ve been working on some Rohan Characters and Rangers of Gondor. Next week I’ll be working on a big batch of Khandish warriors on foot, horse and chariots! Here some pictures of the other bits and pieces […]

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