Desert Themed Gaming Board


Ok so I’ve been stupidly busy running my Games Workshop store over Christmas, which is why there hasn’t been a post on here for such a long time!  I’ve been up to a few different things over January, I’ve built some models, painted a board, painted scenery, built some more models and ate cake on my Birthday!  First up the […]

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Tutorial: Magnetising Age of Sigmar Prosecutors Wings 


I’d thought I’d share the quick and easy method on how I magnetised the Prosecutor wings from the Age of Sigmar set. I’m not one to usually magnetise models, I usually stick to one weapon configuration or have multiples to make the variations needed. However when it’s for an aesthetic and practical reason I’ll do it! The wings on the […]

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Tyranid Deathleaper Conversion


I had a spare Broodlord from the Deathstorm box set and decided to make a larger Lictor conversion to count as a Deathleaper. There’s still some sculpting work to be done on his head (to give him eyes) and I wanted to add some leg armour. Bits wise he’s made from the spawn of cryptus model but with hive tyrant […]

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Plastic Lictor Conversion Tutorial


In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how I made my plastic Lictors using existing Tyranid parts and next to no sculpting work!   The list of parts are as followed: Large scything talons (carnifex, tyrant etc) Warrior legs, tail, torso,rending claws and flesh hooks Tail scythe from Warrior Prime (not 100% needed) Venomthrope head First step is to bend […]

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The Army of the Dead Commission


The Army of the Dead, also known as the Dead Men of Dunharrow or Oathbreakers were pretty cool to paint, I’ve always loved these models and can never choose between the original metal models or the newer plastics. If the metals had more variation I’d much prefer them as the details are a lot crisper. I decided to use an […]

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