How To Make A Gaming Board


Over the weekend I managed to build a board for me and Amy to play The Hobbit SBG on. I thought I’d share the process with you all I bought a load of shelves from eBay a few months ago, they were used for card making and storing card for selling I think. I have like 6 of these shelving units, […]

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The Hobbit Plastic Eagles


I managed to pick up four plastic eagles and a Finecast Gwaihir off a trading group on Facebook last week for very cheap Gwaihir was missing a foot but I managed to replace it with another part that looks sort of foot like. I painted them up in a couple of evenings using Garfy’s tutorial on Tale of Painters, but […]

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Balrog of Morgoth – The Lord of the Rings


Had a bit of spare time this weekend so decided to finally paint up the metal Balrog I’ve had collecting dust since 2012. I primed the Balrog grey this time and decided to work backwards from bright to dark. I airbrushed on the yellow, reds and oranges, combined them with a glaze of Lamenters yellow and then used thinned Rhinox Hide […]

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Khorne Berzerkers Commission


A squad of Khorne Berzerkers with World Eaters Forgeworld conversion kit and chain axes I painted as part of a larger Chaos commission (these and 40 cultists!) I was also asked to convert up (another) Kharn the Betrayer using the same method as my original conversion. The photo makes them look a bit brighter than they actually are! The red […]

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Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (3) Sepulchral Stalkers Conversion


The Tomb Kings are progressing nicely so far, I’ve even managed to get some paint onto a few models! The bone recipe: Base coat Zandri Dust Overspray Ushabti Bone Overspray lighter with Screaming Skull Overspray even lighter with White Coat with thinner gloss varnish Wash Sepia, whilst drying wipe away from raised areas. Today I received a box from element […]

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