Armies on Parade Sylvaneth Showcase


Ok… I think the Armies on Parade board is done! I’ve painted the stumps, glued the goblins on and added the army. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out in the amount of time I had to spend on it. The board itself has become quite busy but I like it, it isn’t that striking, there’s no giant “wow” […]

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Armies on Parade Work in Progress


It’s that time of year again! Armies on Parade time! I haven’t entered since 2011 (the first year it ran), but I always enjoy looking at the displays and absorbing inspiration. This year I decided to go with my Sylvaneth army, originally I was just going to place everything on a flat board and call it done… alas I had […]

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Age of Sigmar Campaign Weekend Review


This past weekend I took part in the Age of Sigmar Realmgate Wars campaign weekend at Warhammer World. It was a fantastic event, probably one of my favourites I’ve been too! I’ve seen the events change over the year at Warhammer World. I started going when it was still the Grand Tournament with the heats and the final, it then […]

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Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Tactics


Hello everyone! I’ve been using my Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth for a few solid weeks recently as part of a campaign and I thought I’d write a short Tactics article on how I use them. Army List Firstly, there is no set army list, there’s no points in Age of Sigmar and it’s pretty much ‘take what you like’ in […]

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Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Showcase 2


The second part of my Syvlaneth army for Age of Sigmar! In 6 days worth of evenings I’ve managed to paint up 45 Dryads, 2 Treelords, a Treelord Ancient and Durthu!  My metal Branchwraith has arrived and has also been painted to take part in the mini Age of Sigmar campaign we’re running for 6 weeks – I’m hoping I […]

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