Desert Themed Gaming Board


Ok so I’ve been stupidly busy running my Games Workshop store over Christmas, which is why there hasn’t been a post on here for such a long time!  I’ve been up to a few different things over January, I’ve built some models, painted a board, painted scenery, built some more models and ate cake on my Birthday!  First up the […]

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Sanguinary Guard Commission Showcase


I was asked to paint up a single squad of Sanguinary Guard from the Blood Angels army as a one off commission. I’ve always liked these models however I just wish there was a better way to connect the wings! I leave them off for painting purposes so they are superglued on. If anyone has any tips that’d be great! […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Bloodletters Commission Showcase


I painted up a unit of 10 Bloodletters for a Khorne Daemonkin army (to go alongside the Possessed I painted) at the basic tabletop level I offer on the commissions page. It’s quite challenging at times working at the basic level as I want the unit to still look great but without spending a lot of time on them! This […]

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Necrons of the Mephrit Dynasty Showcase


I’m slowly plodding along with painting the Necrons. I sort of got distracted by Age of Sigmar and painting a Tree army…  Anyway, so far I’ve painted up the Lord and a few troop choices. I have the Lychguard nearly finished and there’s a fair bit ready to progress with.  With regards to the campaign they’re part of; it’s progressing […]

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Farsight Tau Pathfinders Commission Showcase


I was asked to paint a unit of Tau Pathfinders in the classic Farsight Enclaves colour scheme as a gift. I really enjoy working on the Pathfinder models as the sculpts are really crisp (not like the Fire Warriors..). I started by aibrushing the Khorne red onto the armour plates and lightly drybrushing the edges with Evil Suns Scarlett and […]

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