Khorne Daemonkin Bloodletters Commission Showcase


I painted up a unit of 10 Bloodletters for a Khorne Daemonkin army (to go alongside the Possessed I painted) at the basic tabletop level I offer on the commissions page. It’s quite challenging at times working at the basic level as I want the unit to still look great but without spending a lot of time on them! This […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Possessed Commission Showcase


I’ve never seen the (now dated) chaos possessed kit before, the pictures of it online really don’t do it justice making them look cartoony and daft. I wanted to make sure that this squad didn’t end up like that! I spent a short while sorting through the available arms and matching them up to legs and bodies so I’d end […]

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Dark Vengeance Commission Complete


I finished painting the Dark vengeance set yesterday and based it this morning I don’t want to think how many cultists I’ve painted since this set has come out! For a starter set some of the models are very detailed – especially the chaos half of the kit. If I was a beginner I’d be pretty overwhelmed at the amount […]

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Dark Vengeance Commission


First set of Dark Vengeance I’m painting at Tabletop Level. Truly the best Starter Set for getting into the hobby, the amount of models and the level of detail are phenomenal! How they fit together is truly a masterpiece in design. For more details on how I did the glow check out this post on OSL.

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