Khorne Daemonkin Bloodletters Commission Showcase


I painted up a unit of 10 Bloodletters for a Khorne Daemonkin army (to go alongside the Possessed I painted) at the basic tabletop level I offer on the commissions page. It’s quite challenging at times working at the basic level as I want the unit to still look great but without spending a lot of time on them! This […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Possessed Commission Showcase


I’ve never seen the (now dated) chaos possessed kit before, the pictures of it online really don’t do it justice making them look cartoony and daft. I wanted to make sure that this squad didn’t end up like that! I spent a short while sorting through the available arms and matching them up to legs and bodies so I’d end […]

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Herald of Nurgle Complete


A few weeks back I ran a Giveaway competition on Facebook to celebrate 1500 likes on the page (currently at 1700 now!) with the winner picking a model (with value of up to £15) for me to buy and paint for them to my Pro Commission level (so a £45 prize!) The winner chose one of the plastic Heralds of Nurgle, […]

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Slaanesh Daemonettes Commission


Well the facebook competition give-away is going strong with over 80 comments so far Also if you haven’t yet read it on the Facebook page, I’m now a full time commission painter. Hurrah! I have enough work booked for the following months that I was able to leave my part-time position (I did IT and Web Development for a small local […]

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40k Doubles 2013 Report

Last weekend I attended the Battle Brothers tournament at Warhammer World. I’ve always enjoyed attending GW ran events and I did enjoy this one, however out of all of them that I’ve attended this one probably ranks the lowest Games This year they added in random opponents instead of ranked/matched. Normally I’d be ok with this but we ended up […]

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